Change is the only constant.  Change can cause a crisis. When there is crisis, there is opportunity.  At times, change, crisis and opportunity are inextricably connected. Is there a predictable process in which to anticipate change, navigate crisis and actualize opportunities? grew out of the belief that love (finding our passion, having integrity, compassion and gracefulness) motivates us to change.  And growth as in gardening is an intuitive process that is sustainable and perennial.  Gardening symbolizes process of change.  We change in cycles and seasons. In life, we have many gardens: projects, relationships, careers, family, and more.  Theses are the “Gardens of the Soul.”

Gardening metaphor:  Many people have very little idea of how they change.  They are unable to articulate or formulate a process of change or growth.  Presume the following:  We are the garden, the gardener and the plant in the garden.  Each season requires a different task.  Spring is about planning, preparation and gathering resources.  Summer is about establishing a routine, working in the garden every day; essentially being a servant to the garden.  In the fall, we harvest the fruit of our labor but it requires us to go out every day, decide which fruit is ripe and then what to do with it.   And winter is the time of evaluation, renewal and rebirth.  Symbolically it is the season and process of death and rebirth.

Whether, an individual in crisis or an organization needing to change its culture there are three underpinnings. First is to establish a frame-of-reference that offers hope.  Second is to establish a process that is easily understood and applicable.   And third, create motivation or inspiration for a person to become an active participant and collaborate in making changes.

There are three parts to this blog. The first part is for "individuals and families."  The second discusses the gardening metaphor applied to "communities", groups and organizations. This discussion is to identify applicable processes when changing a group’s culture. The third part (randomly sprinkled), “metaphysical wunderlust” are thoughts about how we influence our experience and how we create the world around us.

So why am I doing this? The purpose is to pass along what I wish someone had laid out for me.  Colleagues, clients and their family have begged me to write a book or “just do something.” So here it is, a small attempt to repay the many blessings and pay-it-forward.

After a 30 year career in public mental health and 10-15 years left, I want to focus on wellness and helping others establish the important things to live life.  Since 1996, I have provided crisis evaluations and consultations in emergency departments.  This work brings into sharp focus the things that are preventing a person from living well.  The blog and videos are some things that are important about finding your passion, living and growing.  The intent and purpose is to merely help others to live well.

I hope you find some of this helpful in finding your passions and insight into the process of living and growing.  Thank you for visiting.

Peace, Love and Light!

Tim Justice