Martin Luther King was an Evolutionary

Martin Luther King dared to dream of a world that was healed.  He planted the seeds of change when he shared this dream.  His dream seeded the garden of the civil rights movement.  Protests are revolutionary.  However, unlike revolutions of the past that were violence, Dr. King’s nonviolent protests were about awareness, education and dialogue.  Both protest and revolution are about change.  But they are often sown in the soil of anger and frustration and are from seeds of fighting for equality and justice.  However, Dr. King’s dream were seeds for a new world.  These seeds were of hope and healing.  His dream went beyond the notions of protest and revolution.  His dream was beyond differences and recognized that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves and make the world a better place in which to live.  Dr. King’s dream was about evolving.

In recognition of the Martin Luther King holiday, consider the possibility of an evolutionary act.  When we dare to heal ourselves and hold sacred space for others to heal, this is evolutionary.  Many of us know prayer or meditation with intention works miracles.  When we pray, meditate and believe; change happens.  Furthermore, when we gather and pray or meditate with common intention, change can occur beyond our wildest imagination.  Perhaps we open our hearts and acknowledge the soul of another.  Maybe we find that we all desire peace, health, love and life.  This can happen in a few moments of silence without a single word of anger or frustration. 

I wonder if….cell phones, internet and social media could be tools for evolutionary change.  In an instant, we can set a gathering time and place…anytime and anywhere.  We could “flash mob” a gathering of peace, love and light for the evolutionary act of healing.

I wonder if…the various mass shootings and police involved shootings are an opportunity for evolutionary healing.  In the case of a mass shooting, after the shock and the grieving, the community could come together to heal. 

I wonder the case of an officer involved shooting, the community could come together with the purpose of healing and change.  Imagine a community encircling a police station.  Holding hands and at a designated time of silence, pray/meditate for the deceased’s family, for the healing of the officer and of the community.  During the moment of silence, imagine and send peace, love and light.  Perhaps afterwards, there is a "holding of sacred space" for a dialogue about change that is based on hope and healing. Imagine a community taking the opportunity to open our hearts and souls to our brothers and sisters in uniform.   Image that we all realize that we are a community grounded and related in peace, love and light. 

A couple of side notes: 

Let’s not forget what we ask young men and women to train for combat in our military.  That these young folks have experienced combat in foreign arenas and are trained to respond as a militarized police force.  Many return home with varying degrees of physical, emotional, mental and existential wounds.  Some of these young men and women return home and become our police officers.  However, they have fought in hostile environments.  Now, at home we ask them to be a part of our community.  How do we ensure that these young men and women with many valuable skills and experiences make the adjustment or transition to protecting and serving in our community? 

The other note, major media focuses on differences with very little analysis.  This leads to polarized factions of our society and world.  This media seems to promote “the frenzy of blood in the water.”  The problem with this frenzy is that it is diversionary, trite and only of a brief news cycle but with lingering effects…this is disingenuous.  Without active, informed and studied dialogue, there is very little opportunity for non-violent resolution.  It may seem there are no other options available except for armed revolution.   Yikes!  Is this what we want?  Perhaps the armed militia, the military industrial police state complex; and most certainly the war profiteers are licking their chops.  Have not we been doing this revolutionary/war thing long enough?  

If you are reading this, you are already an evolved revolutionary.  On this Martin Luther King Day, take a few moments to dream and imagine peace, love and light. 

Turn on your lovelight, let shine!

Holding Space for Transparency and Open Source

How does transparency change the culture and relationships between individuals and in teams, organizations and communities?  Protectionism in the form of secrets, patents, protections, privilege, risk exposure were viable avenues to competition.  However, now they are millstones or shackles in the environment of collaboration, cooperation and participation.  Transparency and open source has been on the horizon and is now how we must begin to interact and relate in the new culture. 

Gardens and gardening, the plural noun and the verb are a symbolic, descriptive and a prescriptive metaphor.   The earth is a diverse garden with countless macro and micro ecologies that mutually exist.  The new ethic is collaborative, cooperation and participatory.    Sharing reveals abundance.

Transparency and open source germinates with nakedness and vulnerability.  The germination of emergence struggles to take root; yet full of potential and offers hope of something new.  The attempt to hide or cover what is apparent has become disingenuous, shameful and disgraceful.  What is the new ethic?  What are the new relationships?  What is the new way that we interact?  Where do we start?

Perhaps we start at sharing our passion, dreams and love.  Sharing takes courage that there is a sacred space that is held, protected and respected.  Trust is based on a mutual appreciation and respect for each other’s experience no matter the diversity.  When we acknowledge and give to each other sacred space, basic needs will be met.  And we know that anything more is abundance to be shared.  What do we do with the abundance?  The common sense ethic would be to share with those in need to ensure the fulfillment of others’ basic needs.  The inherent ethical underpinning is stewardship, which is to properly use and replenish resources in a sustainable manner.  To realize that we do not own a resource, (whether it is physical, intellectual or service) but that we have the duty or responsibility for the benefit for all.  When this ethic occurs, there is the blossoming and recognition that diversity is a life enhancing endeavor.

Peace, Love and Light!

Tim Justice

Participation and Sharing is the New Wealth

The new personal wealth is “participation” and the exchange is in terms of “relationship.”  Relationships occur on a global as well as a local level. People are choosing to make their investment where they can see, feel, touch, hear, taste or otherwise "experience" their investment. People enjoy investing in their community, schools, a friend’s business, the local farmer and the artisan. Because it is easy to see how their participation and relationships make a difference.

Personal worth is increased when a person actively participates and develops relationships. Viewing the local community as a garden and ourselves as mindful gardeners, our community becomes a living, growing and sharing place.  What is more exciting than a busy local farmer’s market; visiting with old friends and making new ones while laughing and sharing.

Peace, Love, Light!


Introduction for Changing Community and Organizations

Transforming Culture

In business, organization and communities, the most valuable asset and biggest liability are its people. Let’s face it, the monolithic corporations are becoming a thing of the past. They are plagued with low morale and low participation. They are crumbling under their sheer weight, size and mired processes. They are unable to strategically respond to the rapidly changing environment. The result is often a defensive posture instead of a proactive, adaptive and innovative enthusiasm.

How do you establish a culture that is diverse, resilient and ready for the next challenge? How do you encourage staff to work smarter, be intrinsically motivated and work together? How can staff accomplish more with less oversight?  I hate when a consultant comes in and says, “This is what is wrong and this is what you need to do.” They charge an excessive amount of money to tell you what you may already know. You go ahead and try the recommendations because they are the experts. Yet, staff roll their eyes and give lip service; but continue to do what they have always done unless you get out the big guns. But such a demand risks alienation and sinking morale. But how do you transform an apathetic culture of “business as usual” into a strategic, agile and adaptive culture?

You are the expert of your business or community. I do not know anything about your business or organization. However, I do know that the gardening approach can increase participation, establish life enhancing work and a resilient diverse culture.  Presentations and workshops inspire staff to move toward a culture of growth, sustainability and resiliency.  Staff who are happy, healthy, enjoy their work, are resourceful and willing to adapt and innovate. 

Executive and management consultations are about creating space for gardens and becoming a gardener.  Establishing an ecology or environment that allows staff incentive to contribute, own and participate in success.   The “Gardens of the Soul” metaphor is both the framework and process that encourages growth, innovation and sustainability. 

Peace, Love and Light!

Tim Justice