Introduction for Changing Community and Organizations

Transforming Culture

In business, organization and communities, the most valuable asset and biggest liability are its people. Let’s face it, the monolithic corporations are becoming a thing of the past. They are plagued with low morale and low participation. They are crumbling under their sheer weight, size and mired processes. They are unable to strategically respond to the rapidly changing environment. The result is often a defensive posture instead of a proactive, adaptive and innovative enthusiasm.

How do you establish a culture that is diverse, resilient and ready for the next challenge? How do you encourage staff to work smarter, be intrinsically motivated and work together? How can staff accomplish more with less oversight?  I hate when a consultant comes in and says, “This is what is wrong and this is what you need to do.” They charge an excessive amount of money to tell you what you may already know. You go ahead and try the recommendations because they are the experts. Yet, staff roll their eyes and give lip service; but continue to do what they have always done unless you get out the big guns. But such a demand risks alienation and sinking morale. But how do you transform an apathetic culture of “business as usual” into a strategic, agile and adaptive culture?

You are the expert of your business or community. I do not know anything about your business or organization. However, I do know that the gardening approach can increase participation, establish life enhancing work and a resilient diverse culture.  Presentations and workshops inspire staff to move toward a culture of growth, sustainability and resiliency.  Staff who are happy, healthy, enjoy their work, are resourceful and willing to adapt and innovate. 

Executive and management consultations are about creating space for gardens and becoming a gardener.  Establishing an ecology or environment that allows staff incentive to contribute, own and participate in success.   The “Gardens of the Soul” metaphor is both the framework and process that encourages growth, innovation and sustainability. 

Peace, Love and Light!

Tim Justice