Holding Space for Transparency and Open Source

How does transparency change the culture and relationships between individuals and in teams, organizations and communities?  Protectionism in the form of secrets, patents, protections, privilege, risk exposure were viable avenues to competition.  However, now they are millstones or shackles in the environment of collaboration, cooperation and participation.  Transparency and open source has been on the horizon and is now how we must begin to interact and relate in the new culture. 

Gardens and gardening, the plural noun and the verb are a symbolic, descriptive and a prescriptive metaphor.   The earth is a diverse garden with countless macro and micro ecologies that mutually exist.  The new ethic is collaborative, cooperation and participatory.    Sharing reveals abundance.

Transparency and open source germinates with nakedness and vulnerability.  The germination of emergence struggles to take root; yet full of potential and offers hope of something new.  The attempt to hide or cover what is apparent has become disingenuous, shameful and disgraceful.  What is the new ethic?  What are the new relationships?  What is the new way that we interact?  Where do we start?

Perhaps we start at sharing our passion, dreams and love.  Sharing takes courage that there is a sacred space that is held, protected and respected.  Trust is based on a mutual appreciation and respect for each other’s experience no matter the diversity.  When we acknowledge and give to each other sacred space, basic needs will be met.  And we know that anything more is abundance to be shared.  What do we do with the abundance?  The common sense ethic would be to share with those in need to ensure the fulfillment of others’ basic needs.  The inherent ethical underpinning is stewardship, which is to properly use and replenish resources in a sustainable manner.  To realize that we do not own a resource, (whether it is physical, intellectual or service) but that we have the duty or responsibility for the benefit for all.  When this ethic occurs, there is the blossoming and recognition that diversity is a life enhancing endeavor.

Peace, Love and Light!

Tim Justice