Introduction for Individuals and Family

Throughout my work conducting mental health crisis evaluations and consultations, the challenge is to provide a person a frame of reference that inspires a sense of hope, possibilities and opportunities to begin making changes.

Most people are not crazy; rather they are trying to deal with a crazy situation. They are overwhelmed, fearful, depressed, anxious and at a loss of what to do. Frequently, the essential issue is to help people find a way to change because what they have been doing is not working.  When the gardening metaphor is introduced it readily reorients them to the process of change and growth. Ideally the change is based on their passions, dreams or love.

Why do people change?  Two main motivations for change are Fear and Love.  Fear is to avoid pain or suffering.  Or at the very least to contain, manage or control the situation. Love believes it is somehow possible. It gives us the hope, faith and courage to change and grow beyond our wildest imagination.

You have the choice of Fear or Love. What you believe and pursue determines where you end up.  These two facets interact and ebb and flow in any experience. Both Love and Fear can be motivating or overwhelming, navigating the labyrinth is a matter of paying attention to your reactions and your intention. Which would you rather do?  Be chased by your fears, demons and anxieties.  Or follow your passions and chase your dreams.  

Gardening offers hope, faith and love in the process of manifesting our passions, dreams and love.  It orients us to what we have learned in the past, to what we want to grow and what is important to do today.

So why am I doing this?  It’s the right thing to do, change happens and we all get by with a little help from friends and the kindness of strangers.  Colleagues, clients and their family have begged me to write a book, ”just do something”…so here it is.  It is a small attempt to return the many blessings and pay-it-forward.

Peace, Love and Light!

Tim Justice